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Peter Man - Professional Safe Opening Service
Peter Man is the professional safe cracking / safe opening service of E3 Locks. No matter what make or grade your safe is the Peter Man will open it. The term Peter Man comes from cockney slang. A safe was referred to as a Can. Which cockney's called a Peter Pan. So if you were a Safe man you were a Peter Man.

John Tann Book Room Safe Opened

The most likely reason you are here is because you have typed in to a search engine something along the lines of:

  • I have lost my safe keys
  • I have forgotten the combination for my safe
  • I am using the correct combination, but my safe will still not open
  • I need my safe opening ASAP
  • How do I open my locked safe
  • My safe is locked open
  • I have found a safe, how do I get it opened
  • My keys no longer open my safe, what can I do
  • My digital safe lock no longer works
  • I can't get my safe open
  • I need a safe engineer
  • I need a Peter Man
  • I need a Gas Safe Engineer (for this one you are on totally the wrong site!!)

Peter Man is a specialist safe opening service. No matter what make or grade of safe you have, Peter Man will open it.

If you have lost your safe keys, forgotten the combination to your safe lock or even if your electronic combination safe lock has failed, one telephone call to Peter Man and I will solve the problem for you.

Ratner Twin Door safe Opening

Safe Opening Service
I provide a specialist safe opening and safe lock picking service. I am not a general locksmith service or access control engineers. Quite simply I am a Peter Man!

Not only do I make a lot of my own tools, I also invest heavily in the latest and most up to date safe opening tools including a safe auto dialer, lock specific picks like the LDT safe pick for the La Gard 2200 safe lock. Chubb LIPS, Mauer and STUV decoders, As well as scopes and other specialist safe opening tools. All this is done in order to provide you with the most professional safe opening service available.

Contacting Peter Man
We are aware that this may be the first time that you will be contacting a safe engineer or professional safecracker, and we want to make it as simple and as jargon free as possible.

We do ask, that if possible you have a photograph of the front of the safe and a close up of the lock to hand which you can send to us. These can be images taken on just a mobile phone and can either be e-mailed or sent as a text to us on 07850 046641.

As a professional Peter Man I do not need you to tell me the cash rating, grade, colour of safe or what lock is fitted, I will tell you that from my experience, knowledge, the pictures you send and the simple Yes/No questions that I ask you.

SMP Safe Opening Service

Peter Man - No Haggle Prices
I know that people are always looking for the best deal, that is why I offer a 'no haggle' price structure. My price to open your safe is based on its grade and fault as described. Once the price has been agreed that is the price you will pay.

But A Locksmith Has Offered Me A Cheaper Price!!
If you just want cheap, then our best advice is that you accept it, but keep this number, 07850 046641 handy! A real example of what is likely to happen is given on the service page. Click here to read more

Remember safes have additional security features built in to them to deadlock the safe should an unsophisticated attempt to open it be made. A specialist safe engineer knows how to deal with these features.

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To contact us by post please write to:

David Kneafsey - The Peter Man
16 Thele Avenue
Stanstead Abbotts
SG12 8JB

07850 046641

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