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Below are some examples of our services, they may well fall in to the situation that you find yourself currently in.


Are you in one of these situations?


Safe Opening By Manipulating The Combination Lock
The owners of this safe inherited it when they purchased their house. They Called safecracker who attended and opened the safe without any damage to the safe or lock.

Chubb Wall Safe

Safe Opening By Drilling Open The Safe
The new electronic lock that had been fitted on this safe failed after a very short time. The locksmith who installed it did not have the equipment or knowledge to open the safe. But he did have the good sense to called us first and not attempt to open the safe by himself.

Safe with failed electronic combination lock

We attended and after confirming the diagnostics we drilled open the safe. The safe was then repaired to standard.

safe opened after lock failed

Safe Opened By Picking Open The Lock
A customer called with a locked safe, which he had no keys for. The lock was identified as a Mauer President.

Mauer Safe Lock Picked Open in Locked Safe The Mauer President safe Lock.

We then picked the safe open using a standard 2 in 1 pick. After opening it,we changed the lever order around in the lock and cut two new keys. This way the previous keys, should they fall in to the wrong hands would no longer work on this safe. no damage was caused to the safe.

Chubb SecureLine Safe Picked Open

Safe Where keys No Longer Worked

We were called to this national chain of supermarkets as the safe key they had no longer opened or closed the lock leaving the safe in the locked open position with the days takings inside.

safe where the owners keys stopped working

We attended identified the problem and cut new keys leaving the safe fully working again.

Safe Found During Renovation Work
We were called to this locked safe after builders found it during a renovation of a building

safe found during renovation work

We attended and quickly opened the safe. The safe is now in use by the new owners of the property.

Safe locked open,
We were called to this locked open safe at a large pub in North London, the owner was unable to lock the safe which contained the days takings

safe locked open

We attended and were able to quickly identify the problem and rectify it, putting the safe back in to full service. because of the short time it took us, the customer only paid the standard call out charge.

A Locksmith Has Tried To Open My Safe But Couldn't
We were called to this locked safe at a South London Police Station, a locksmith had previously attended and attempted to drill open the safe. He didn't have the right knowledge or equipment to complete the task and had smashed the glass in front of the lock. We attended and opened the safe.

safe opened after locksmith smashed glass

Always ensure the person you ask to attend is a safe specialist, or you may end up paying a lot more to get your safe open.

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