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Fichet Bauche Safe Opening Service
Peter Man provide a safe opening service for Fichet Bauche safes. Fichet Bauche were originally a French company formed in 1825 and have been producing high quality safes since. They are now owned by the Gunnebo Group.

Fichet Bauche Data Cabinet - Lost Keys Berkshire
When the owners of this Fichet Bauche Data Cabinet lost the keys to it, they called Peter Man. We attended and opened this Fichet Bauche Data Cabinet for them. If you need a Fichet Bauche Data Cabinet or any other safe or data cabinet opened call Peter Man. After opening we can also convert these cabinets to a euro footprint lock.

Fichet Bauche Data Cabinet

Fichet Combination Locks
Fichet provide a number of combination locks like the C2C and Moneo. These locks work by counting clicks at different positions. If you are having problems understanding how to open these Fichet combination locks or changing the code, please phone Peter Man and we can talk you through it. This instructional video by Peter Man has been posted to hopefully help you open your Fichet Combination Lock:

Fichet Bauche Safe Lock Decoders
There were two commercially available safe picks to open the range of Fichet Bauche safe key locks. The original Fichet Monopole Decoder and the newer Fichet Decoder. Peter Man are one of the only UK based companies who own both of these picks, therefore one of the only UK based safe engineers to offer a true non-destructive safe opening service for these Fichet Bauche safe key locks.

Fichet Bauche Safe Key

Is the key to your Fichet Bauche safe similar to the one above?

Fichet Monopole Pick

Some of the older Fichet Bauche locks will either have 1 or 2 longer vanes in the lock. The two vain lock is slightly more secure than the older single long vain version of the Fichet lock. Peter Man can pick open both versions of this Fichet lock.

Fichet Monopole Lock

Internal part of the Fichet M3b lock showing some of what has to be defeated before the lock can be successfully picked open.

Fichet M3b Lock Internal Part

Fichet Bauche Safe Lost Keys - St. Anne's Hospital
Peter Man were called to this Fichet Bauche Safe after hospital staff lost the keys to the safety deposit drop. Peter Man attended and opened the locked Fichet Bauche safe and returned it back to full use. If you need a Fichet Bauche safe opened, call Peter Man.

Fichet Bauche Safe


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