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Leigh Safe Opening Service
Leigh Safe's are a very UK comapny offering various lower grade security safes. Their models include the:

  • Leigh Essex Safe
  • Leigh Rochford Safe
  • Leigh Hadleigh Safe
  • Leigh Wertheim Safe
  • Leigh Westcliff Safe
  • Leigh Milton Range of Safes

Leigh Safe in Chelmsford
We were called to this Leigh Safe in Chelmsford after one of the safe keys had become stuck in the lock. The owner had tried to force the lock and had snapped the key in the lock. A locksmith had attended and had removed the key, but left the lock still not working. We were called and using a scope were quickly able to ID the problem and get the lock back working and the safe open.

leigh Safe Opened

Leigh Safe Found During Renovation Work
This leigh safe was found during the renovation of a house on London. The combination for the electronic lock fitted, a La Gard was unknown and could not be found out. We attended the address and opened the safe. A new new lock was fitted and a new combination set.

Leigh Safe


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