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Chubb Secureline Safes - Lost Combinations - Hampstead
When the owner of these two Chubb Secureline could could not remember the code to either of of them he spoke to a locksmith who told him that the locks on each safe would need to be drilled open and the locks replaced. The owner then telephoned Peter Man! We attended and opened both safes with no damage to the locks what so ever and resetting the combinations to each safe. If you want bad advice on safe's speak to a locksmith, if you want your safe opened in a professional manner speak to a Peter Man.

Secureline digital safe

Secureline safe opening

Chubb Secureline Drop Safe - No Keys
When the owner took possession of this famous bar in London's west end, he found this Secureline drop safe in the premises. Not having any keys for it he called Peter Man. We attended and opened this Secureline drop safe for him. If you have a Chubb Secureline safe or any other safe, no matter what make or grade which you need opening, call Peter Man.

Chubb Secureline Safe No Safe Keys

Chubb Secureline Safe - Failed Electronic Combination Lock
The owner of this Chubb Secureline safe called Peter Man after he was no longer able to open the safe even though he was putting the correct code in to the safes electronic lock. We attended and were quickly able to identify the fault. We then opened the safe for him. If you have a Secureline safe or any safe with a failed electronic lock call Peter Man we will attend and open it for you.

Chubb Secureline Safe

Chubb Secureline Safe - Forgotten Combination
The owner of this Chubb Secureline safe called Peter Man after he returned from holiday and was unable to access his safe. Peter Man attended, opened this Secureline safe and returned it back to full operation, but this time with a key lock!! If you have forgotten the combination to your safe call Peter Man.

Chubb Secureline safe Forgotten combination

Chubb Secureline Safe Failed E-Comb Lock
This Chubb Secureline safe had an electronic combination safe lock failure, even when the correct code was entered you could not open this Secureline safe.
We opened the safe and have now fitted a new safe key lock. If you have an electronic safe lock failure on a Chubb Secureline safe call Peter Man.

Chubb Secureline Safe

Secureline Opened By Picking Open The Lock
A customer called Peter Man with a locked Chubb Secureline safe, which he had no safe keys for. Peter Man was able to identify the Secureline safe lock as a Mauer President.

Mauer Safe Lock Picked Open in Locked Safe The Mauer President safe Lock.

Peter Man then picked the Chubb Secureline safe open using a standard 2 in 1 pick. After opening it, Peter Man changed the lever order around in the Mauer President lock and cut two new keys. This way the previous safe keys, should they fall in to the wrong hands would no longer work on this safe. no damage was caused to the Chubb Secureline Safe.

Chubb SecureLine Safe Picked Open


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